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Czech Stuff

These pages of Czech stuff were developed for your fun and pleasure. Hope they are enjoyable. If you have any suggestions, I would be glad to hear from you. 

Czech Stuff is divided into categories for easy navigation. Click the buttons on the left for the category, and then the blue link for the page you wish to view. 

Westfest 2013

Pictures from Czech Class in West 2013


Czech Costumes

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 Maggie's Fabric Patch   Want your own Czech costume?  Authentic Czech costumes have to be made by tailors in the Czech Republic, however, Maggie Grmela of West, Texas can make you a practical replica for a reasonable price.  See her fantastic website for details. 


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Czech Music

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           Old Czech Records  Very old 78 rpm records of Czech music and song from the early 1900's.  Scratchy, but they're the originals of many of these popular songs.
           Czech Song Lyrics    Want to learn the words to the Czech songs?  Here are the lyrics to 73 popular Czech songs.  (Sorry purists, but no diacriticals!) 
           Czech Melody Masters   Great website for listening to Texas polka and waltz music.  Maintained by Dennis Svatek, premier trumpet player.

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Czech Language

           Texas Czechs Website by Chris and Edita Rybak  Lots of stuff, language, music, videos - Got to visit this site! 


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Czech Activities

           West, Texas   Website for West, Texas, home of Westfest and many Texans of Czech descent. 
           Ennis, Texas   Another central Texas home of numerous Czechs.  They sponsor the National Polka Festival every Memorial Day weekend.  Mucho Czech music! 
           How to play Taroky Instructions on how to play that wild card game grandpa used to play.  Surely every Texas Czech knows how to play. 


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         Texas Czech Heritage Society
                                 SPJST  (Slovenska Podporujici Jednota Statu Texasu)

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